About us

Among the best folk ballet ensembles in Serbia a special place can be awarded to “SIMYONOV”company from Belgrade.

Founded in 1988 by Dejan Simeonovski, “SIMYONOV” has become, in the short span, one of the most popular and successful Serbian ensembles.

The people of Serbia have a long cultural tradition. In their independent medeval states they achieved a high level of material and cultural development. In this part of Europe a junction of routes from the Near East, Mediterranean, Asia and Africa, meny different political interests and cultural influences have met and clashed troughtout history. Assinilating the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium, Europe and the Orient, the Serbian peoples have created a cultural synthesis, while at the same time developing their own distinctive national cultures and artistic works. As fate would have it, the nations that now make up Serbia come under the rule of various foreign conquerors and within different cultural and political spheres.

Nonetheless, they managed to maintan their mutual cultural contacts and preserve the authentic spirit of their cultures. The creative achievements of the Serbian peoples and the remains and influences of ancient European and oriental cultures have given the territory of Serbia a wealth and variety of artistic expression that is reraly found on such a relativety small geograohical area.

Specific in many ways, “SIMYONOV” company presents the richnes of Serbian folklore in a new and attractive way, prevailing on the enthusiasm of the audience wherever they performe. The company is a spellibinding blend of art energy which typifiles the vitality of the Serbian people. With classical ballet as its base and strenght, vigor and youth as its hallmarks, the   “SIMYONOV” style is bold, powerful and one of staggering athleticism. Throught the rigorous period of training, dencers developed a style that is unikquely their own, and which has brought them international renown.